People Power: Developing the Talent to Perform

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The challenge is to have human resources policies that meet the needs of each generation. For example, employees nearing the retirement age are likely to have a higher interest in health care benefits for retirees. The goal is to work with all generations to create a positive and productive work environment — the hallmark of a successful organization. As Baby Boomers prepare for retirement, they leave gaps in leadership, client knowledge base and technical and process expertise.

Why is talent important?

Your email address will not be published. When Lynanne Kunkel first started as vice president of human resources for Whirlpool Corp. These skills are non-exclusive: the initial number of is the total of all these skills added together. Attracting and retaining the right talent. The impact that each resource has on others depends on its attributes as well as its quantity. HR professionals in many organizations constantly struggle to Intangibles and behavior To understand the significance of intangibles, we must address two broad kinds of behavior: defend important training investments because there is often no immediate payoff in the firm's profits from training, communications efforts, or changes to reward systems. First, we need to identify the core resources and how they are connected.

To that end, we must focus on succession and development plans and examine our internal talent base to fill key roles using our Organization and Leadership Planning OLP tool. An important part of our job is to consider our workforce make up, anticipate future employment needs and plan accordingly.

We look at the next five years and determine what talents we will need in that time frame taking into consideration changing business conditions, market opportunities, technologies, workforce retirements, attritions, and required skills.

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Last year, we assessed 4, of our professional employees and evaluated their next career steps. We identified those nearing retirement and outlined steps for their succession plans. Once we determine our future hiring needs, we must establish viable talent pools for potential openings. We also attended the Careers in Africa international recruitment summit in London this year — an invitation-only event completely focused on jobs in Africa that attracts a multitude of nationalities. Our booth attracted potential candidates that are willing to work in emerging areas like Angola and Nigeria.

Attracting and retaining the right talent

Community relations play an important role as well. We are planning for the future by enhancing our well-established relationships with universities, colleges and technical institutes, and developing research partnerships, additional apprenticeships, and co-op and intern opportunities for graduates.

We continue, through partnerships and funding initiatives, to engage and educate students around the world about the opportunities available in science-based learning see article page 13 as an example. It is important, too, to develop promising talent within the organization.

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Employee training and development is a strategic investment that significantly contributes to the success of our company, our employees and our clients. In , we launched the program in Latin America. Successful leaders simultaneously inspire and guide their employees.

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We recently created a talent management team to help develop a clear training and development strategy. Our new global leadership development program emphasizes our business, processes and people-management practices.

Attracting and retaining the right talent

Some examples follow. Our intensive six-month Business Acumen course entails a series of seminars that promote individual learning opportunities and group projects. The course provides functional leaders and managers with business and financial knowledge and its application at Dresser-Rand. Lesson planning made easy, so you can get on with teaching. Skills Book.

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People Power •1".'People Power Developing the talent to perform Kim Warren and Jeremy KourdiVOLAPRESS The au. A blueprint for creating organizational effectiveness through correct management is provided in this practical, fact-based approach to the difficult task of.

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