On the Front Line of Life

Life on the Frontline 2018
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Juice seller Sesarina Naliku with her stall at Tavua market. At the Tavua farmers market, some women vendors like Sesarina Naliku run their own co-op bank.

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They had to drag me out of it. Jonathan Lee van Zyl. Please Select But it was the animals' pain that haunted him for years after the war. In active sectors both sides would engage in aggressive raiding and the fire of artillery, machine guns and snipers would be more prevalent. The Frontline Cry How does our Frontline shape our prayers?

They earn an interest on their savings, which they keep safely in the bank in case climate change disasters strike in the future. Adi Alesi Nacoba, 47, is a former policewoman turned farmer.

The cyclone destroyed her home and farm, but she went back to work replanting crops, including eggplant, chili, cassava and long beans. Learning goes on for eighth graders at the Vunikavikaloa Arya Primary School.

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Kumar says excessive rain in recent months has delayed rebuilding efforts and made it difficult for students to get to class. Jeshni Devi was the only nurse on duty at Ra Maternity Hospital when the cyclone hit last year.

Soldiers did not spend all of their time fighting in the trenches or preparing for battle. There was leisure time, especially when soldiers rotated to the rear areas.

On the frontline with British troops in Afghanistan - Guardian Investigations

Soldiers rotated into and out of the front lines to provide a break from the stress of combat. They spent four to six days in the front trenches before moving back and spending an equal number of days in the secondary and, finally, the reserve trenches.

Life on the front line

This system of rotation, along with occasional leave to England, prevented many soldiers from breaking down. Soldiers even published newspapers with their thoughts, poetry, and cartoons, and sang songs together in the trenches. In , the war to end all wars finally ended and life in the trenches was over, but not for all soldiers. Many suffered shellshock and would re-live war for the rest of their lives.

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Many also walked away from war with life-long friendships and reunited with their regiment regularly. Masked men A pair of Canadian soldiers try on their regulation respirators.

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These masks provided protection against chemical weapons such as chlorine and mustard gasses that terrorized troops at the front. Rapid fire Killing technologies improved exponentially during the Great War.

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Here, a Canadian soldier practices firing a machine gun.