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Order under Section -Maintaining of visitors' I.

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Order under Section -Ban on sale of Army or Police uniform etc from Order under Section -Regarding immigration companies from Interest on GPF for the year for third quarter from Non-forwarding of case regarding enhancement of pay scales and allowances in respect of the Government employees to the Finance Department after constitution of 6th Punjab Pay Commission. Order Under Section of the Cr. C - regarding Cyber Cafes.

C - bursting of firecrackers and other fire-works.

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Regarding clarification on simplification of GPF related procedures in view of decision taken in Cabinet Meeting. Acquring land measuring 0. Revision of rates of Non Practising Allowance. Scheme of Revision of Pay of teachers and equivalent cadres in Universities and Colleges following the revison of pay scales of Central Government employees on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission CPC. Chandigarh Panchayat Election Rules first amendment Rules Appointments of members of the Chandigarh Housing Board, Chandigarh. Constitution of High Powered Committee.

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Dearness Allowance to the U. Chandigarh Solid Waste Management Policy. Order under Section -Ban on Rally's and Dharan's from Order under Section -Regarding Cyber Cafe from Order under Section -Ban on Correction fluids from Order under Section -Regarding safety and security of Women working in odd hours from Order under Section - Ban on business during night hours from Order under Section -No rent out any accommodation to any person without police verification from Order under Section -Ban on carrying of weapons from Interim relief to the serving and retired Judicial officers.

Order under Section -Regarding Cyber Cafes from Order under Section - Ban on sale of Army or Police uniform, etc from Order under Section - Maintaining of visitors' I. Order under Section - Regarding furnishing the particulars of tenants, P. Order under Section - Regarding immigration companies from Chandigarh Building Rules Urban Amendment Order for installation of Solar Photovaltiaic Power Plant for existing residential and non-residential buildings in Chandigarh upto Chandigarh Estate Amendment Rules Order under Section of Cr.

C- Private Coaching Centres shall not render coaching to school going children from 8.

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Restrictions under our current credit facility. This decrease had an adverse effect on our results of operations for those periods. The figure shows a high-level overview of the communication: Figure When Nutanix was born it was really focused on one thing: simplifying storage. This risk is increased by the fact that borrowings under our current credit facility bear, and borrowings under our new credit facility will bear, interest at a variable rate. MacBook Pros up to and including some of the models are fairly easy to upgrade with our 2.

R 4 Road. Simplification of disbursement of pensionary benefits in respect of Old Pension Scheme in view of the decision of Cabinet meeting dated C- Prohibiting of all types of firecrackers and other fireworks. C- Prohibiting the Use of Chemical for ripening of fruits.

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Regarding revision of pension of Pre pensioners under the 7th Central Pay Commission. C- Ban on Chinese Dori, Maanjha, etc. Interest on GPF for the year for the period from fourth quarter C- prohibting rallies and dharnas from C- prohibting the sale and production of fluids and thinners from Rate of Dearness Allowance applicable w. Payment of Dearness Allowance to State Government employees-revised rate effective from Regarding finalisation of L1 firm in the situation where two or more firms quote the same rates in the case of tender for outsourcing.

Regarding provision of payment through GeM portal. Rate of fare for stage carriages in U. Regarding delay in the finalisation of tender contracts. Kailash Mansarover Yatra Scheme Order under Section -Regarding safety and security of Women working in odd hours. Order under Section -Regarding Cyber Cafes. Order under Section -Ban on carrying of weapons. Order under Section - Ban on business during night hours.

Order under Section - Ban on sale of Army or Police uniform, etc. Order under Section - Regarding immigration companies. C- rallies and dharnas. C- prohibting the sale and production of fluids and thinners.

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Notification for non forwarding of case regarding enhancement of pay scales and allowances in respect of the Govt. Policy for Land Acquisition through Negotiation. C- for loudspeaker during night hours. Change of option in pursuance of orders passed by the Hon'ble High Court, Chandigarh. Withdraw the notification bearing No. Order regarding Heritage Trees of Chandigarh.

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Foundation is a Nutanix provided tool leveraged for bootstrapping, imaging and deployment of Nutanix clusters. The imaging process will install the desired version of the AOS software as well as the hypervisor of choice. By default Nutanix nodes ship with AHV pre-installed, to leverage a different hypervisor type you must use foundation to re-image the nodes with the desired hypervisor.

As of 4. The installer store is a directory for storing uploaded images, these can be used for the initial imaging as well as cluster expansion when imaging is required. The Foundation Discovery Applet which can be found HERE is responsible for discovering nodes and allowing the user to select a node to connect to. Once the user has selected a node to connect to, the applet will proxy localhost IPv4 to the CVM's IPv6 link-local address on port NOTE: the discovery applet is merely a means of discovery and proxy to the Foundation service which runs on the nodes.

All of the imaging and configuration is handled by the Foundation service, not the applet. If you're on a different network L2 than your target Nutanix nodes e. The Foundation tool has the following configuration inputs below.

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In addition to the per node addresses, it is recommended to set a Cluster and Data Services IP addresses. The first step is to connect to the Foundation UI which can be done via the discovery applet if on same L2, node IPs unecessary :.

After connecting into the selected node's Foundation instance the main Foundation UI will appear:. This will show all of the discovered nodes and their chassis. Select the desired nodes to form the cluster and click 'Next'. Click 'Validate Network' to validate network configuration and proceed. This will check for IP address conflicts and ensure connectivity. Once network validation has completed successfully we'll now proceed to selecting the desired images. To upgrade Acropolis to a newer version than currently on the CVM, download it from the portal and upload the Tarball.

Once we have the desired AOS image, we'll select the hypervisor. For AHV, the image is built-in to the Acropolis image. For others you must upload the desired hypervisor image. If imaging is not necessary you can also click 'Skip' to skip the imaging process. This will not re-image the hypervisor or Nutanix cluster, but just configure the cluster e. IP addresses, etc. Formatting of the drives with a filesystem and associated overheads has also been taken into account. The values used are assuming a completely utilized OpLog. When evaluating the Remaining GiB capacities, do so from the top down.

Nutanix Home is mirrored across the first two SSDs to ensure availability. As of 5. Prior to 5.