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He added: "Technology has developed in a way that we will see fewer wind turbines closer to land in the future and more of the ones further in the sea.

Radiohead - Ill Wind (Instrumental)

In Bavaria, the issue has become entangled with politics. The state's ruling conservative Christian Social Union party was spooked by the strong performance of the Green party in last year's state election, and as a result is espousing more environmental policies. It was 9 gigawatts. To discover why thousands of professionals rely on Pro every day, email pro politico.

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Some 7, police were mobilized in anticipation of marches in French capital. Move follows drone and missile attacks attributed to Iran or its proxies in the region. Former judge will head probe into killing of prominent journalist. If Brussels wants to fix flawed migration policy, it has to stand by Rome.

Veteran pro-independence leader says move reveals desperation of ex-PM back in Study shows rising demand for more sustainable food and a willingness to pay for it. Canada has had these incidents before, and the aftermath has tended to follow a pattern.

French president and the Italian prime minister agree to work together on migration. Social and economic instability of a united Ireland would dwarf pain of a messy Brexit. Decision comes despite warnings arms export ban could undermine trust in Germany. The move comes after a recent attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

An ill wind blows for the onshore power industry

Berliners never used to talk about real estate. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age.

Who's behind the ‘dark money’ bankrolling our politics?

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An ill wind British Jews face prejudice from new quarters The number of anti-Semitic incidents is on the rise. Reuse this content About The Economist. From smog to slog To prevent catastrophic global warming, China must hang tough Climate issue: It has done well in sticking to its emissions-reducing targets, but these are too modest.

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Discover a selection of programmes relating to plants. Most urban fantasy heroines are little more than Mary Sues for their authors. Stream or buy on:. Along with the abnormally dry conditions, temperatures in the fire-hit regions were unusual. Does not include external buffs e. Join them. Since a majority of the locals could not speak English, communicating was a challenge.

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