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Note on Behavioral Pricing
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Easier set-up 2. Despite these facts, it is interesting to note that economists in general, and marketing scientists in particular, acknowledge that there is still far too little replication work, especially in a cross-cultural setting Armstrong, ; Campbell and Stanley, ; Easley et al. Therefore, it was apparent that the different ways of evaluating and storing price information were not independent from each other: buyers who were more interested in prices seemed to process this information in absolute terms and in relative terms simultaneously, albeit with a different degree of accuracy. These results confirm H3 with respect to income level for these two measures of price knowledge. Research tools have to fundamentally evolve from measuring willingness to pay to understanding the role of price in the decision making process 1 2

About This Blog Readers of this blog will find a wealth of articles about price optimization, price research and willingness-to-pay analysis. Recent Posts. Ekman P An argument for basic emotions. Etkin J, Ratner RK Goal pursuit, now and later: temporal compatibility of different versus similar means. Franke N, Keinz P, Steger CJ Testing the value of customization: when do customers really prefer products tailored to their preferences?

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Gourville JT, Soman D Payment depreciation: the behavioral effects of temporally separating payments from consumption.

Behavioral Pricing

Gregg DG, Walczak S Dressing your online auction business for success: an experiment comparing two ebay businesses. In: Gross JJ ed Handbook of emotion regulation.

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Note on Behavioral Pricing

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Howard DJ, Kerin RA Broadening the scope of reference price advertising research: a field study of consumer shopping involvement. Hubert M Does neuroeconomics give new impetus to economic and consumer research? Hubert M, Kenning P A current overview of consumer neuroscience. Irmak C, Wakslak CJ, Trope Y Selling the forest, buying the trees: the effect of construal level on seller-buyer price discrepancy.

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What is Behavioral Pricing?

Kumar V, Rajan B Social coupons as a marketing strategy: a multifaceted perspective. Kumar V, Swaminathan S The different faces of coupon elasticity. Self-construal influences price-quality judgments. Lambrecht A, Skiera B a Paying too much and being happy about it: existence, causes, and consequences of tariff-choice biases. Lambrecht A, Tucker C Paying with money or effort: pricing when customers anticipate hassle. Consumer behavior under three-part tariffs.

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  6. Juan Vicente Gómez and the Oil Companies in Venezuela, 1908-1935.

Evidence from pay-what-you-want decisions and self-pumped gasoline purchases. Major B, Testa M Social comparison processes and judgments of entitlement and satisfaction. Harvard Bus Rev 70 5 —94 Google Scholar. Mishra A, Mishra H The influence of price discount versus bonus pack on the preference for virtue and vice foods.

Miyazaki AD Guest editorial: the psychology of pricing on the internet. Monga A, Bagchi R Years, months, and days versus 1, 12, and the influence of units versus numbers. Everyone sees their price, that no one else can see. Taking us closer to perfect price discrimination. It does not end there. It is malleable. Once customers open their mind a little through their social media behavior, they are are also opening a control channel to the marketers. A channel that will help the marketers nudge customers to pay a higher price than what they would have otherwise would have paid.

It is a brave new world. World with NO price tags, price lists, pricing pages and posted prices of any kind. Previously I wrote about the self-serve frozen yogurt stores in the context of creative packaging for better price realization.

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Behavioral pricing is a relatively new approach in the pricing of commodities. Pricing for a product is determined based on the behavior of potential customers. Behavioral pricing research has focused on many aspects of the psychology of pricing: for example, price awareness, the formation and use of reference prices, .