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A couple of them include Elizabeth Loftus and Frances Fitzgibbon. The series also features repeated appearances from the Russian opponent of David Audley, named Professor Panin. The novels mostly traverse in real time.

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The characters are shown changing and evolving with each book. And between the debut novel and the last one, it is depicted that a period of 20 years has passed. Several titled are also shown cutting away from the timeline by depicting the exploits from the youths of Butler and Audley around the World War II. An important feature of all the plots is that all of them are connected with a few important historical military events somehow.

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Most of them typically contain strong elements of archaeology. A television series adapted from the first 3 books of the series was Broadcast on the British television in This series is called Chessgame, which was a 6 part television show. The TV series was shown again in in the form of 3 different TV movies. The first and fifth books of the book series have been adapted as one-off dramas by the BBC Radio. Martin Jarvis starred in the lead role of Paul Mitchell in one of the dramas.

It was released by the Gollancz publication in the year At the start of the book, an Air Force aircraft of the United States is shown getting vanished mysteriously just after its take off from a Britain base. Following the disappearance, the CIA starts investigating and finds some odd information about the pilot.


Then the search of the cottage of Major Davies reveals his strong interest in Kin Arthur literature. It is then found that the research of the Arthurian literature and a few important documents from Russian libraries have important links. The investigating authorities begin wondering what concern did the secret police of the Soviet Union have with the 6th century battle site. Also, why did they feel the need to kill Major Davies.

On top of that, the concern of the CIA for all this also seems suspicious. But, before David Audley could get the answers to all the questions, he realizes that he has been deeply involved. Later, he learns that he has been conned brilliantly. And as the novel reaches its conclusion, the readers come to know that they were deeply engrossed in the Arthurian legends in an exciting battle of intelligence and wits, involving sophisticated players.

A few titles cut away from this time-line by showing the youthful exploits of Audley and Butler during and after the Second World War. An unusual feature of the plots is that they are all somehow connected with one or more important events in military history, with most containing a strong element of archaeology. Chessgame, a six-part television series based on his first three novels appeared on British independent television in late , and was re-shown in as three TV movies.

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Audley and Roskill are given the central roles, with the character of Butler replaced and renamed in order that he could appear in all three stories. We strive for accuracy and fairness. Download Nulled WordPress Themes.