Soldier On: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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As the first waves of injured bystanders, guardsmen, and rioters arrived at hospitals, it became apparent that a deadly new disease had been unleashed on the population.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Whether the virus was naturally occurring or an escaped lab experiment, Cade hadn't a clue and wasn't especially concerned until he learned of its unprecedented virulence, unusual method of transference, and the fact that, according to the news, it brought the newly dead back to life, semi-mindless, and with an insatiable desire to feed on the flesh of the living.

Armed with this new information and now seeing the bigger cities such as Washington, D. Unable to get ahold of Brook and Raven, and unwilling to leave them at the mercy of some distant politician's inability to hold the nation together, he begins an impossible 3,mile journey across a reeling United States with presumably millions of infected in his path and only one acceptable outcome: find Brook and Raven alive - or die trying. Sometimes a book goes temporarily out of print - and sometimes no audio version has ever been recorded.

Soldier on

Audible wants to give you the most complete selection we can and we'll keep adding series and filling in gaps as quickly as possible. IDF Masterchef Contest. That means that when it comes to food, pizza delivery is not going to be an option anymore.

The only problem is that there is a good chance that a seemingly delicious berry or mushroom could be poisonous. Fortunately, the IDF has a special course for its pilots and special forces on how to survive in the wilderness.

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This includes learning what foods you can and cannot eat. Soldier training in southern Israel.

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Once the zombie apocalypse breaks out, you can imagine that all the communication devices — smartphones, landlines and computers are going to fail pretty quickly. This is because the people in charge of supplying you with electricity will be feasting on their remaining colleagues.

Radio is going to be your only way of communication with other survivors when the undead take over the world. Once again, IDF soldiers will be the ones to save the day, as they all receive training in radio transmissions and radio maintenance.

Soldier loading magazine. When you and your group will be surrounded by zombies, it seems obvious that the only way out will be to take on the flesh eaters. This is because you want to save your precious ammo and shoot the zombie in the head.

IDF soldiers are trained to use their weapons in semi-automatic mode, allowing for a high-precision shot and effective management of ammunition supply. Now that is a skill that will come in handy if the brain eaters rule.

Soldier On: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (Trudge), page 1

Medical corps exercise. Now that all services have collapsed, going to the hospital is clearly not an option anymore.

Since there are only 1. Additionally, you really want to be careful with your health during a zombie apocalypse.